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One Travel


The Client: Travel Magazine


The Brief: To create a magazine for unconventional travel, a demographic of adventurers and people who live in the moment, between the age of 25-45.


Design Solution: The name "ONE" was chosen, an abbreviation for Only Now Exists, relating to the mindset of the demographic. Each cover highlights a specific location unique and unexplored by the average tourist. Images related to the main sights and specialities were then placed in a  globe, which was overlaid with the destinations flag. This gives the reader a taste for the location, and keeps the guideline features clear for future covers. 



Magazine Design

Magazine covers3.png
Authentic Africa Magazine Spread_Page_1.
Spread 1.png

This spread discusses West Africa and why you should visit. The design is split up throughout, like a puzzle of texts and images. I chose this design technique as I wanted it to reflect how split different parts of Africa are. 

Spread 2.png

*Disclaimer: This is a student brief from my time studying at Shillington College of Design.

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