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Isabella Howell has curated a multi-dimensional portfolio with an array of mediums. Focusing on understanding clients brand identity before developing designs. She loves using anything and everything as inspiration to push creativity. She's particularly passionate about storytelling and creating design with meaning.

She completed her BA in photojournalism at University of the Arts London in 2018. As valedictorian she worked with a broad variety of clients, including Royal Mail and Thompson Reuters Foundation. 

In 2020, she completed training with Shillington College in Graphic Design. Each piece of work is individually crafted to suit the clients needs.
Isabella can curates a distinctive identity, dynamic website and impactful design for  your brand or organisation, delivering high quality and
substantive designs and ideas for an all round
poignant project campaign.




Creating unique brand identities, tailored to the brief.



Using type, illustration and imagery, to create clear and engaging designs for all purposes.


Interactive responsive websites, email templates and web ads.


Photography, videography and editing of all capabilities.

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Using after effects to create exciting and engaging animations that complement your brand

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