Pluto Space


The Client: HR Macmillan Space Museum, Vancouver


Brief: To rebrand the museums identity. 


Design Solution: The space museum's current objective is to encourage a younger demographic through daily lectures and hands on experiences, requiring a re-brand to match.


With the new name "Pluto Space Centre", aligning with the

re-developed slogan "You're never too small to learn." This active encouragement focuses on a younger demographics education.

Following the creation of a style tile a mobile website for the museum was developed, which showcased the lectures and exhibitions. The progression of the re-brand thus incorporated articles throughout the museum, which included postcards, coffee cups, a loyalty card, and wayfinding.






style tile pluto.jpg
phone website.jpg
Iphone mockup.png
Enterance .jpg
postcards pluto.jpg
Welcome sign.png
coffee cups.png
loyalty card.png

*Disclaimer: This is a student brief from my time studying at Shillington College of Design.