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The City of Garbage is the perfect description for Mokkatkam; which attempts to reduce the probelm of rubbish in the Egyptian streets.

Egypts rubbish problem was caused by the killing of all pigs in Egypt after an outbreak of swine flu, previosuly it is claimed all the street rubbish was eaten by these animals. Regardless of whether you believe this story or are more inclined to believe the rubbish is due to President Cece's inefficient civil service, the street rubbish is nothing in comparision to the top of the moutain in Mottakam.


This is where the Coptic Christian's live and work; in the rubbish tip.

Throughout my experience here the smell off the rubbish was remarkable. The images captured show the mountains of rubbish, piled high on top of cars, trucks and carriages attached to donkey's.

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